Solo exhibition "Mosaic of Colors" in 2009 Rotthalmünster

Images of the opening in Rotthalmünster 30 September 2009. This is an exclusive exhibition of paintings by Elena Drobychevskaja. The theme of "Mosaic of Colors" - a choice to see the presentations were mainly women, but also a few animals (dogs and fishes). To enlarge the images - just click it.

The photos 'vr0005' to 'vr0016' were provided by Wolfgang Hartwig.

vr0016 vr0015 vr0014 vr0013
vr0012 vr0011 vr0010 vr0009
vr0008 vr0007 vr0006 vr0005
vr0004 vr0003 vr0002 vr0001
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